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At Bloody Gray, we’re much more than a ‘boutique PR agency’ – in fact we find the term irrelevant. We work with designers on all aspects of their business, developing them into balanced, working businesses, and offering insight, advice and motivation to prepare them for the realities of the industry.

We’re not the kind of place that sends out a few emails and a Friday report for our clients – we live and die by them, we believe in them and we work right alongside them to get them to where they want to be.


Based in East London, Bloody Gray is much more than just a boutique PR Agency. Growing with word-of-mouth recommendations and a brilliant reputation for getting the best from and for their clients, Bloody Gray have carved themselves a niche as the agency that will strive to go the extra 500 miles for their clients.

We know there is a sustainable way to develop young designers' businesses. We are selective, honest and truly loyal to the clients that we have. We aim to build every aspect of a designer’s business into successful companies; from working closely on design, production and garment sampling, through event management, securing investment and creative consultancy, all the way through to sales, PR, branding and social media.

We believe that with a can-do attitude, a rebellious streak and an innovative hardworking approach, anything is possible. We know how the fashion industry works, and we strive to empower our clients to achieve the dreams they have for their businesses and to fully realize their talents. We are enthusiastic, fearless and genuinely passionate: above all we care about what we do.

We are Bloody Gray.

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Bloody Gray

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